Experiencing Is Believing

From soft relaxing to deep healing, if you are looking for an outstanding real massage or energy work, don't miss my healing art. I provide relaxing, strong and intuitive massage for discriminating clients who can appreciate a top-notch, high-quality massage from an experienced natural healer/ also a certified massage therapist. I have the talent to dissolve stress and heal people physically and psychologically. Expanding your horizon, I invite you to transcend your mind, body and spirit to a healing world.


About me

Greetings, my name is Patrick. I'm an experienced natural healer/ massage therapist. I grew up in the countryside of south Taiwan where people have great compassion for others. I started learning massage at the early age of 17 from my mother who owned and operated an acupressure massage business. Around the same time, I began practicing Zen meditation, which helped me become more sensitive to energy and healing massage work. I enjoyed healing people through massage because I have found it spiritual and mystical through the last 29 years. The massage healing art is one of the natural talents that I have to help people to release their bodily stress and to rest their spirit.


I am certified from a massage center in Thousand Oaks since 2007. My unique skills mainly come from many years of training with my family's massage business in Taiwan. The training has strengthened my hands and nurtured my natural-born instincts for recognizing the natural energy flows in the human body and for helping clients to obtain physical and mental healing.

Specialize in:




Hot Stone




Deep Tissue

Trigger Point


Thai Massage

Chakra Balance

Acupressure/ Shiatsu

Neuromuscular Re-education

By combining various massage techniques to suit my client's body type, I provide my client with the individual massage best suited to heal and to relax them. 


Experience a meditative timeless zone. I love my work. Massage is like a meditation for me. My clients find me “intuitive" and describe me as somebody who really  "gets into it” instead of  “1, 2, 3 Robotic strokes”. For the best result, I communicate in order to learn about my client’s body. I am easy to talk with and attentive to your needs and well being.

I take pride in my work and the healing aspect of it is very important to me. My session is designed to release blocked energy and get the life force flowing freely through the body.  I am a big believer in focusing on the right spots with the right pressure.  You will leave refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired.

Gifted Hands

With strong hands and fingers, I have the ability and the gift to give deep healing- ease those knots and tension from your body. Healing hands are hard to find. After 10 years of devoted work, at age 30, I found my hands have a magnetic field that efficiently removes blockages and adhesions.  Most of my clients who love the deep healing work tell me I am one of the best bodyworkers they ever had. Some even refer to me as the best.  I constantly receive great comments from both new and repeat clients such as "top-notch", "you are a magician".  Remember, if you are looking for an outstanding real massage or energy work, don't miss my healing art.

Incall Rates:

Starting:  $90/ 60mins, $140/ 90 mins, $180/ 2hrs 

Outcall is Available for request 

Call for an appointment and let the healing begin.

Patrick   (818) 514-4748

Hours: M-Sat: 8am- 9pm, Sun: before noon


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